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Co chocolat chocolates are carefully crafted using fresh ingredients that will bring natural sweetness so that, if needed, minimal quantities of processed sugar will be added. By using ingredients such as fresh cacao, grains, Moringa, ingredients high on fibers and antioxidants among others, each bite is sure to offer to mind and body a healthy wellbeing.

Chocolate bars

Chocolate bars are available in an incredible variety of flavors that have been created to boost your well-being while savoring an absurdly delicious treat. Chocolate bars come in two sizes: 30 gr and 65 gr.

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Hot Chocolate

Called by the Mayans “the food of the gods”, these deliciously cacao based, smooth and creamy drinks are flavored with different ingredients and spices to captivate your taste buds.

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Gianduja Spreads

Unlike the industrial spreads, high on sugar and palm oil and low on cacao and hazelnuts, CoChocolat’s Gianduja is made the original way, being mainly composed of cacao, hazelnuts and milk, some cane or coconut sugar and olive oil.

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