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Mushroom Portobello

Mushroom Portobello

These are meaty texture mushrooms, which have a large flat, dark brown rounded cap rich in flavor. attached to thin stems. The cap is an umbrella shape with a characteristic curled rim inside. These mushrooms are rich in selenium, protein, and cancer-preventing antioxidants. Known for its piquant, savory aromas and sharp, bitter flavor when fresh and toothsome texture, it should be eaten cooked and not raw.

  • Contains Fiber, Biotin, Vitamin D, Vitamin K,

  • Mushrooms are very small-sized mushrooms with smooth round caps and short stems.

  • They have a mild flavor with a good texture that becomes more fragrant and meaty when cooked.

  • mushrooms boost our immune system.

  • They have anti-cancer benefits.

  • They contain good amounts of riboflavin which is necessary to maintain oral health.

  • They are very low in calories and rich in fiber.

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