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Mushroom Shimeji

Mushroom Shimeji

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Mushrooms are edible fungi that can provide several important nutrients. Mushrooms can be sliced raw and tossed in a salad, grilled, sautéd, or roasted. They can be added to soups, sandwiches, wraps, casseroles, and Italian dishes. Grows in long clusters of string-like stems that sprout small white caps. They are small to medium in size, growing in tightly packed bunches with convex, rounded, button caps, and slender stems. These mushrooms are rich in potassium, selenium, protein, and cancer-preventing antioxidants. Known for its piquant, savory aromas and sharp, bitter flavor when fresh and toothsome in texture, Shimeji mushrooms should be eaten cooked and not raw.

  • Contains Fiber, Biotin, Vitamin D, Vitamin K,

  • Mushrooms are very small-sized mushrooms with smooth round caps and short stems.

  • They have a mild flavor with a good texture that becomes more fragrant and meaty when cooked.

  • mushrooms boost our immune system.

  • They have anti-cancer benefits.

  • They contain good amounts of riboflavin which is necessary to maintain oral health.

  • They are very low in calories and rich in fiber.

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